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People rush past in the early morning mode of getting in and getting settled. Lines of travel sparkle against my fingertips, and I tingle with the flow of locator strings, each turning a precise course for a specific destination: an aggregate humming purpose.

But I'm listening for Brian, so I barely notice the "Hi it's Dave," or "Hi it's Sue" on all sides. I murmur to acknowledge the muted greetings, and don't stop like I usually do to catch up on the latest. The morning rush is the best time to find someone without calling ahead for an appointment at their desk. I finally hear what I'm listening for so intently: that deep welcome bass "Hi it's Brian" a bit down the hall and hurry my steps to catch up to him.

"Hi Brian, it's Jane," I say. "Did you get the donuts? Can we get to your office quickly to make a couple of changes, and I'll get the room set up?" I hand him my stack and feel his arm move as he runs his fingers quickly down the page. "Oh, yes, that is a bit of an error there. Gosh I feel stupid about that, but thanks for catching it. I can just reprint this page fast. Are the others ok?"

"Sure, we can just slip the new one in on top, I want to go over that one first anyway."

Brian hands me his donuts and I go straight on to the meeting room.

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