datafeeds 2.2 image mapa common scene--waiting for the transition to happen

The elevator comes, and my eyes shudder as it opens. They just replaced the old grey carpet with a patterned one, ivory lines swirling over a dulled blood-red square background. As if that weren't bad enough, each fiber on each thread of the carpet is a slightly different hue. The others don't seem to mind it, but I still can't open my eyes to the infinite visual cacophony playing over the elevator floor. The clashing color overload gives me a migraine the nanosecond it hits my retinas. I close my eyes, back in, feel for my floor button, and accidently step on a foot.

"Ouch, hey watch it!"
"Sorry, about that."
"Yeah, well, watch where you are going, ok?"

The ride up is silent and I shift as little as possible, keeping my eyes tightly shut. I can hear the snorted breathing behind me, but I don't know the protocol for finding out who it is I have just insulted. I blink quickly to see what floor we are on, but they all look the same, and I get off one too soon. As I leave, I hear the same voice mutter, see if I get that Winnesox agreement for her anytime soon. Won't even say hi in the elevator, she's too good and mighty for here.

My shoulders sink down and I curse as I head up the stairs. Just what I need. Damn it, that had to have been Tim from Contracts I had trod on and ignored. No one else could get me that agreement processed. And I really needed to have that Winnesox Water District financial agreement in place when I met with them next Wednesday. I could go to his boss, but that would be the kiss of doom on any further agreement processing. Damn damn double damn, I swear inwardly as I rack my brains thinking of alternatives to presenting the financial agreement, but none come to me. I'll have to stew over it later. Now I have to concentrate on not messing up this next meeting, too.

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