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I set up the orange juice, and see that the donuts, coffee, and soda are already there. I do not see Brian in the crowd of people, but again I am looking for the bright plaid he wore yesterday and now everyone is in suits, mostly to impress the lawyers. I try to listen for Brian's voice, but it is hard to distinguish in the gathering voices of the crowd.

We have markers at each desk. I make some notes on the flip chart and go to check to see if everyone can see it. I take a moment to distinguish between the red of the marker and the white of the paper. It is the red that counts, I keep reminding myself. The paper doesn't change. Well, I am getting better at the focusing. When I first came into sight, I kept trying to read the white space around the letters rather than the letters themselves. I finally reverted to raised letters for a while until I got the practice of reading. Now I mostly have to think about it only with patterned or bright backgrounds.

All the equipment checks out just fine. If I could only tip Brian off, or Jim, the team leader. But I see no one in this crowded room.

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