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People start filtering in and helping themselves to coffee. I wander about, hoping that Ken will recognize me so I can get his initial reactions to the team draft, but no one approaches me. No Brian, no Jim, no Ken. I wish I could fix Brian's errors myself, but I don't know how to run Hydross myself, and I don't have access to the raw numbers. Well, it probably won't matter too much now.

I put my notes and the packets Brian gave me last night at each place. Someone comes up to me and says "Jane, you look nice today. I'm glad you decided to get that suit, it looks so good on you. You can wear something other than white with it, you know. Try that pale blue blouse we picked up the last time." It's Carol, my friend from Visual Presentations. I like it when people expand on their conversations before I get into the act. Usually I can place people then from the references they scatter in their speech.

She is straightening the packets I have laid out, putting them right side up so people can read them. I flush as I forgot again that people get uncomfortable with upside-down words. That sort of thing doesn't register with me, any more than wearing makeup or ensuring that my clothes match and are fashionable. I just don't see how certain details can convey a different impression than others. Carol knows how to wear clothes, how to dress to impress. I don't quite get the concept. Clothes cover a body. How can the picture change so much with different colors or shapes? How do people tell the difference between a tailored look close to the body and a spoiled one? I always leaf through the fashion magazines, but can see no difference between the horrors of the mistakes and the kudos of the glamours--both consist of the same elements: shoes, a dress, and a bag, don't they?

Carol keeps sending me image self help books and I keep getting makeovers. I do it the way the sighted natives seem to want me to. I still don't see why, but if it makes them happy and helps them listen to my presentations and understand my ideas, it's a small price to pay.

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