Disappearing Rain
Part 1. Water Leavings  

The only trace left of Anna, a freshman at the University of Berkeley California, is an open internet connection in her neatly furnished dorm room. Join the four generations of a Japanese-American family as they search for Anna and discover credit card conspiracies, ancient family truths, waterfalls that pour out of televisions, and the terrifying power of the internet.

Come on in.

The water's fine.

Part 2. River Journeys


This site is a large work of hypertext fiction, with 144 pages and many links. There are two main parts, Water Leavings (based on the kanji for water) and River Journeys (based on the kanji for river). The images above will lead to a table of contents, based on a series of haikus. Each main part has a series of subparts, which are also based on haikus.

You can keep track of your progress through the work by coming back to these major pages, or you can follow the characters: Amy/Anna, Sophie/Yuki, Kit/Richard, or minor characters


Some notes to make your reading more comfortable:

If you find a horizontal scrollbar on the right-hand image, please make your window just a little larger.

Each text space ends with links back to that particular subchapter and main part of the story, if you want to follow the story through its separate parts.

Some links will open windows outside the story. If they work, click under windows to get back. If they don't, well, that's probably part of the plan.

There are the usual (or unusual?) dedications, warnings and disclaimers, and legal issues, of course.

Deena Larsen, deenalarsen at yahoo.com