distant nothings

After the University of California campus police at Berkeley filed their report (which basically stated that there were no leads at all but that they would continue to publicize the disappearance and follow up on any information), Richard booked a flight out to Berkeley the next morning.

"We have to do more than just work with the police," Richard moaned to Amy. "I can't stand not doing any more than this."

He and Amy spent the night before he left huddled in front of the glowing screen, searching down any internet sites which could possibly help. They scanned in Anna's senior graduation picture and filled in the information for a free page on missing persons throughout the world and on the Troubleshooters International site. Bless them and their work, Amy said, and Yuki nodded in her bed, plucking at the window. The missing person.com site was "for sale or lease," and Amy speculated about how much money one might make on missing people and still be proud of one's identity.

The FBI site was particularly unhelpful. The information center for law enforcement professionals wouldn't even let them in the door. You have to wait six months for the The Salvation Army to step in.

Just before 3 a.m., they found the Missing Person's Center with clear, level headed instructions on what to do. Richard printed it out and Amy spent the rest of the night printing out posters and flyers that they could xerox and get people to plaster everywhere.

rivers / merge into / distant nothings / so many instances / of the same time / leave undefined / origins / and destinations

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

Follow us all: Amy/Anna, Sophie/Yuki, Kit/Richard, minor characters or sift through water leavings and river journeys.