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Marble Springs

Marble Springs explores the secrets of a Colorado mining town. This new version is on a wiki, with lots more secrets to share. Come explore--and add your own insights. Marble Springs 3.0

Marble Springs 3.0

A Modern Moral Fairy Tale

This simple, yet complex tale interlinks four narratives and covers everything from internet conspiracies to taoist, salmonic wisdom. A Modern Moral Fairy Tale

A Modern Moral Fairy Tale

I'm Simply Saying

A muse-ical flash piece, this simple poem explores the complex interplays between sound and text, motion and emotion. Find out why nothing can truly be said simply. I'm Simply Saying

I'm Simply Saying
The screenshot from the Marble Springs 3.0 wiki the fish from A Modern Moral Fairy tale Some of the text in I'm Simply Saying

So why bother about electronic literature/hypermedia/hypertext anyway?!?

go beyond and explore

Because now we can

Once upon a time, there were only books, which you could only read forwards and backwards by turning pages. Then came the computer. And now, we can connect ideas to ideas, people to people, words to images, images to sound, and move far beyond the page. My works show one way-you can find your own.

beyond the book

experience deeply intertwingled writing

Go beyond what the words say. Find ways to use the shades of meaning, the nuanced connotations of a link, the counterbalance of an image, the scaffolding of structure. Use my elit 101 textbook, Fundamentals, to learn how to read and write electronic literature.

beyond the book

and escape the confines of the page.

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