There were no copies of any of Anna's responses. Only the letters carelessly hidden.

My exquisite little Hana-chan,

I treasure the picture of you on that site as if it housed your soul itself.

I think only of you. I spend hours connected to your site, knowing that somehow you are there, somehow we will touch between these panes of glass that separate us.
I envy the light as it bends around your tear-shaped eyes, as I gently reach my screen to caress your high thin brows, touch and enter your small pursed lips.

I long for you.

I cannot wait for you to escape the bonds that you think hold you. When you come out here, perhaps you will finally understand. Perhaps then you will know how we can be free of everything. I want to take you away from reality. I can offer you so much, my love. Freedom. A chance to be. Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. What could you possibly have in your life now that means as much as what I offer you?

Let me show you
We can float in a sampan down the Yang-tse River, sighing into the green forest canyons just around the bend. We can raft the Mississippi, reveling in the slow motion of time amidst the ancient oaks and tides. Find an island in the middle of the stream. Tie up in a secluded, deserted corner and watch the world go by in its lace parasols and cotton bundles.

I will stroke you, feel the electric tingle of your arms. I will worship you, devoting a thousand years to each breast, a hundred more for the inward curve of your nipple, and eons to the rest.

I will show your body what it means to drown in ecstasy.

Join me. Soon. I will not wait forever.

knowing / lost words / drown / in sounds that cannot / merge into meaning / the danger in / words of / melted water

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

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