their sides dissolving

Amy didn't bookmark the page, but she saved Sabrina's e-mail with the URL on a separate disk and lableed it, "Old System Reboot." She had the e-mail from Anna's lover on the same disk. This time, though, she didn't even consider going to the campus police with the web site. If they had refused to look at the e-mail for clues about Anna's disappearance, they certainly were not going to look at a web site.

What proof do you have, they would ask, that your sister designed that site? There are lots of Anna Mizunamis around, just look in the phone books. Amy wouldn't have the patience to explain that they were the only Mizunamis in Boulder's directory. And there were no matches at Yahoo's people search.

But if they asked, how do you know that those are your sister's words? Amy would have shrugged and given up. Because Anna had never talked like that in her life. Anna's words were about prom dresses and cheerleading squads, about who was going with whom and who was a jock and who was a jerk. Then again, Amy and Anna hadn't talked all that much in high school. They walked there together, picked out different classes, and dissolved into different friendships at night. People only told them that they looked so much alike on the first day of classes. After that, they knew better.

No. This was a lie, too. Amy and Anna had had the same thoughts when they were babies, walked at the same time, talked to each other in a language no one else understood until they were about seven. It had only been when they went to separate grade school classes that they realized that not everyone shared souls, not everyone knew what it was like to have bodies that fused together, their sides dissolving until neither one could point to a beginning or an end.

drops fall / into the swirling/ stream/ their sides dissolving /into each other/ each rolls off / a thin / oak branch.

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

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