into the swirling

Anna liked the feel of words against her skin. She needed to show the world she was a poet.

Or at least Amy thought that was the intent of the first line of Anna's website. I love the satin feel of sound brushing against my smooth skin. Join me, and I will show you the world in a drop of water.

Not Welcome, like everyone else. Not why are you here, go the hell away, which is what Amy might have put in front of something so private as her life. Not that Amy would have splayed out her life on the Internet anyway.

A real audio of When I Fall by Barenaked Ladies started slowly and grew louder as Amy scrolled down the page. Amy lowered the volume until it was just a slight moan above the whir of the monitor, Sabrina was right, the entire background was a pale spider web splayed out on a cream blue sea, with a central animated gif of a spider building its web on the crest of Hokusai's Tsunami. The spider skittled out of the way as the wave crashed down, then painstakingly built the web again on the underside of the water. Amy could not see what the web was attached to. If anything.

There were no other links on the page. Amy clicked on the spider web and went inside the wave.

drops fall / into the swirling/ stream/ their sides dissolving /into each other/ each rolls off / a thin / oak branch.

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

Follow us all: Amy/Anna, Sophie/Yuki, Kit/Richard, minor characters or sift through water leavings and river journeys.