into each other

In the end, Amy poured over Anna's website at the CU computer lab in Norlin library. It wasn't that there wasn't enough privacy at home--just that she needed a more objective setting. Someplace where reality could filter in more easily.

She went in when the lab first opened at eight a.m., as she thought it wouldn't be all that busy. The computer tech was reading a physics textbook and barely glanced p at her as she walked in. No one else was around. She took the last computer in the corner and positioned the monitor so no one sitting near her could read it.

The first entry date in Anna's web journal was June 12, 1998. Last summer, when Anna was so busy over her computer. This must have been a lot of what she was doing, Amy thought. But the graphics--while intriguing and obviously time-consuming--and the words could not account for all the time that Anna had spent online.

The five entries after the first three had a javascript that changed the date each time the page was loaded. The last one of these was Friday Aug 21, 1998 at 2:14 am. Just two hours after the last love letter. The words of that last love letter crashed in her mind, receded, and crashed again. She could see Anna and the stranger laying in each other's arms, melting into each other as the waves swept them out to sea.

There were thirteen entries after that,undated. A caricature of her dorm mate--replete with snide comments about that New Yorker's slothfulness, her sloppiness and worst, her wasteful habits of leaving the water running while brushing teeth-- a list of her classes and a to do list. Amy noted the another stream of consciousness sex scene in the middle of her assignments with increasing detachment, and scrolled through the rest of it quickly. At the last one, she choked back a small scream. And kept rereading:

I can't keep this up any longer. I have to concentrate on other things, and I just can't seem to find the time it takes to do anything right. Besides, this site has already served its purposes. I know what I want to do. And I know how to do it.

Meet me at the water's edge, where we can feel the soft electric sands all over our bodies and let the waves enter us forever. Let me show you what happens after the river reaches the sea.

drops fall / into the swirling/ stream/ their sides dissolving /into each other/ each rolls off / a thin / oak branch.

the word is / the sound / of water / dripping from/ ancient symbols / tiny particles / of merging / realities

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